Khamis, 5 Disember 2013


You ! not you and you but yes you !
Thankyou for everything .
Everything ? yes ,everything .

Want to be my friend .
Share problem together .
Make me smile even sometimes you make
me angry .
Try to understand me .
Always advice me .
Always beside me .
Want to love me .
Want to text me .
Always angry at me .
Always fight with me .
Always say want to slap me .
Share our laugh .
Share our tears .
No secret between us .
All together .

If i hadn't met you , i wouldn't like you,
If i hadn't liked you, i wouldn't love you.
But sometimes i tell myself that i
dont want you exist in my life.
I tell myself that you're gone but
i keep coming back and i admit it
why am i so afraid to lose you.
I know maybe you just considers me as
friend or girlfriend likes your other friend.
You're not mine maybe i should start
pretending like nothing ever happend
between us.Even sometimes i hope
that i will hate you literally, but i cant't.
I cant hate you and i will never do .
I like it when you do evil to me.You can
say sorry a million times , say i love you
as much as you want ,say whatever you want,
whenever you want , i just want and want hate you
that's all .But my heart never hate you and
i always pray that you yes you last person
in my life.

I hope you never forget me
hope that you never regret me.
Sometimes i think i dont want know
who you are and i dont want know you.
I hope i can leave you not because of
selfish reasons maybe this is the best for us.
Thankyou for everything you do.