Jumaat, 9 September 2011


YOU ! im so bored , bored like stupid girl ~
damn .
my family already sleep but me still
cannot sleep ,huh !
i dont know why my feeling not very good
like something is going happen but dont know when .
grrrrr ~ shit !
my feeling just want to play with me err maybe =='
im very tension , tension with all i have ,
erghh , i want all things complete in my life .
i want new new life which can be
happy in myself :')

dont like people who want to kill me .
dont want people who judge me .
dont like people who want to trick me .
dont like people who pretend to be my friend .

no boy .
no smoke .
no cry .
no sad .
no drug .

just want new life , new world in my life .

happy, laugh , eat , enjoy , study and no pressure .