Jumaat, 17 Jun 2011


i ran to the forest

theres i sang

i ran to the beach

theres i screamed,


how i hate this


i miss the noise

of the crowd

go away darkness

i am sick

and tired

it,is so darkness

when i,m alone

why don,t you break

the glass so everyone

can hear,

lets argue till we fight

somewhere,there is an

angle weaving the web of

a striped spider on the wall

of the white temple.

why didn,t you struck the

ball and create commotion?

or should i run to

the forest

and turn to the beach?

i,m sick and tired,

go away darkness!


nurnabiha berkata...

auw2..cm pnah bce je ayt tuh..:P


ye ke ?
dimana ea ;p