Selasa, 4 Mac 2014

Assalammualaikum wbt ...

Final exam just around the corner so what should i do
is focus on study and use the time for study. No more lazy
imanina . Open your eyes imanina . I dont want that situation
repeat again. Eventhough im not totally focus in study now because
the 'reason' but insyaAllah i will try my best. This is for my parents.

By the way , im getting bored . Not bored with you but bored
with your action. For what you do that ? For what you want to far away
from me ? For what you want me to hate you ? thats because
of the surrounding or people talk you bad and so on ...
So do i care ? You help me anything , you always beside me
when im start give up , you always cheer me when im sad ,
you always in my mind . I care you , i totally trust you but now
i dont know how to say .I try to be your good friend , but im failed
I try to treat you like other friends but i dont know you dont like
so im very sorry honestly. Im very and very touching with you.
Is okay im just your friend like yours other friend right .
Its funny right , for what i should take it serious .
Imanina please mirror your face , wake up imanina . Okay.
If you want far away from me okay i will follow it .
I will do what you want . Fair right.
No need say sorry , no need say apologizing and whatever for me.
Actions speak louder than words . We can apologize over and over
We can say sorry over and over but if our actions dont change
the words become meaningless. Totally sorry from my deep heart Imanina.